FAQ - ceramic Frequently asked questions

Why are there circles on the underside of Staub oven dishes?

  • The bases of the Staub oven dishes are enameled for higher leakproofness.
  • Our dishes use these circles as a sort of base to ensure better stability.
  • The circles are polished to avoid your surfaces getting scratched. For stability purposes a second circle is required on the larger dishes. This also prevents against any natural deformation of the ceramic in the oven.


What are the different types of ceramics?

  • Ceramic is the generic term for porcelain, clay, stoneware, earthenware and others.
  • There are also technical ceramics which are mainly used in industry due to their excellent thermal or mechanical properties.


What are the different compositions of the various ceramic types?

  • The mineral compositions depends on the ceramic type. Ceramic used for tableware generally consists of clay with kaolin, quartzes and feldspar.


What are the properties which differentiate the different ceramic types?

  • Porcelain: Contains more Kaolin, is fired at temperatures between 1200 and 1400°C and absorbs absolutely no water.
  • Stoneware: Is fired at a lower temperature and is virtually watertight (water absorption [lt] 3%)
  • Clayware and other types of kitchen ceramics generally have a water absorption rate of [gt] 3%.


Why ceramics from Staub?

  • Ceramic products from Staub are also produced using traditional techniques.
  • Ceramic products from Staub have been developed to meet all the requirements of modern consumers: easy to store, stackable, ergonomic handles and directly transferable from oven to table.
  • All ceramic products from Staub are very versatile in their use and can also be used for freezing as well as oven cooking.
  • The wide colour selection perfectly matches the cast iron range which means you can design a harmonious look for your table.


Are the ceramic products from Staub the same high quality as the cast iron products for which Staub is known?

  • Staub is an internationally known brand that is highly valued by top celebrity chefs for its excellent quality. We set the highest expectations for the development and production of all our products, cast iron and ceramic alike.
  • And just as is the case for the cast iron products, ceramic products from Staub also undergo strict quality tests. Ceramic products from Staub offer the same cooking quality and inspire people with the same intensive colors as the Cocottes which have made Staub so famous.
  • The ceramic range from Staub expands the possible uses for Staub products (oven cooking, microwave etc.) delivering the Staub quality at a lower price.