Fondue set Chinese Fondue





10 min.

cooking time

5 min.
  • Cut the meat and fish into thin strips. Arrange on a serving dish.
  • Wash the baby spinach and let it dry.
  • Clean the leak and cut into pieces. Arrange all the different vegetables in bowls.
  • Cut the blood sausage into pieces and peel the shrimps. Also arrange in bowls.
  • Bring the poultry broth to the boil. Add the Soy sauce. As soon as the broth is hot, serve and keep warm on the burner base.
  • Each person cooks their own meat, fish and vegetables in the broth.
  • Serve the Fondue with a range of sauces such as curry mayonnaise, Soy sauce, sweet & sour sauce. It can also be served with fried Chinese noodles or Cantonese rice.

200 g chicken breast

200 g beef fillet

200 g pork fillet

200 g spicy blood sausage

200 g monkfish

12 large shrimps

200 g baby spinach

3 leeks (white part only)


1.5 litre chicken broth

½ cup Soy sauce

1 cup sweet & sour sauce