Mini Cocotte Red fruit and tomato gazpacho




20 min.

cooking time

120 min.
  • Place the Mini-Cocottes in the refrigerator during the preparation.
  • Wash the fruit. Remove any stalks from the strawberries and cut the fruit through the middle.
  • Place a few raspberries and the small bunches of red currants for decoration on one side.
  • Cut the tomatoes into quarters and remove the cores. Squeeze the lemon.
  • Puree the strawberries with the raspberries, the tomato pieces, half the lemon juice, one tbsp. olive oil, icing sugar and the cream. Season to taste with sugar or lemon juice. Leave the gazpacho in the refrigerator for 2 hours to rest.
  • Stir thoroughly and then pour the gazpacho into the Mini-Cocottes. Add pepper from the pepper mill. Garnish with the red fruits, a dash of olive oil and a little chopped basil.


  250 g strawberries

150 g raspberries

A few bunches of redcurrants

1 tomato

70 ml whipped cream

1 lemon

30 g powdered sugar

2 tbsp. olive oil

A few basil leaves

Ground pepper