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The .75 QT Petite French Oven is the latest addition to StaubΓÇÖs legendary cocottes. This darling pot is perfect for personalized cooking. Heat up stews, soup, and sides deliciously thanks to StaubΓÇÖs signature new lid. The Chistera drop-structure lid has curved spikes inside a domed lid. This innovative design ensures continuous moisture throughout. StaubΓÇÖs Petite French Oven goes from stovetop to table beautifullyΓÇöthereΓÇÖs no need for extra dishes. Good things come in small packages thanks to Staub and recipes shine in these charming cocottes.

Diameter 4.7 inch
Capacity 0.75 qt
About Staub

The STAUB brand has its origins in France – more precisely in Alsace, a region world-famous for its culinary artistry and good food. The product range focuses on cast-iron and ceramic cookware for consumers who seek the authentic and emotional experience of cooking and taste. STAUB products perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Renowned restaurateurs around the world come to appreciate the high quality of STAUB cookware, which explains why they are not just used in the kitchens of prestigious restaurants. Even amateur cooks can enjoy the benefits of using STAUB cookware for both prepping and serving delicious food directly to the table.